Domestic V/8-V/6 & Inlines

Hot Tank

Bore & Hone Block per cyl.

Hone Block per cyl.

With Torque Plate

Deck Block

R&R Cam Brgs.

R&R Freeze Plugs

Align Hone Block

Magnaflux Block 

V/8 Valve Job

V/6 Valve Job

Inline 4 cyl

Inline 6 cyl

Surface Head ea.

Install Seat 1-2

Install Seat Set

Install False Guides 1-2

Install False Guides set

Recon Rod Bottom end only

Recon Rod w/bushing

Pin Fit & Align Rod

R&R Pistons

Balance V/8

Balance Inline 4 cyl

Balance Inline 6 cyl

Motorcycle Machine Work:

Harley Davidson

Valve Job

Clip Head .050

Bore & Hone Cylinder

Big Bore, 95ci

Bore & Hone 883 to 1200

Install Compression Release

Bore Case to 103ci

Pin fit Rod, lower

Pin fit Rod, small end

Dirt Bike, UTV, ATV, etc. (most 4 strokes):

Valve Job (no camshaft)

Flycut Heads

Bore & Hone Cylinders, (cast iron non-nikasil)

Chamfer all 2 Strokes according to customer specs

Jet Skis: 

(including stud removal)

Cylinder Bore, Hone, and Chamfer

1 Cylinder

2 Cylinder

3 Cylinder

Machine shop Services updated pricing to come

​​​VW Services

Hot Tank

Align Bore 1600 Mag Case

Align Bore 1600 Alum Case

Align Bore 36hp

Align Bore 356/912

Thrust Cut

Bore Seal Housing for Flanged Crank

Clearance Case for 84mm

Case Savers

Cam Bore Center

Cam Bore 40hp

Bore Case for Oversize Cylinders

Weld Case #3 Cyl.

Weld Top Ears for off road

Cut Cyl Deck

Valve Job

Competition Valve Job (3 angle)

Seat Repair

Install O/S Valve Seats

Bore Heads Oversize

Flycut Heads

Glass Bead Head ea.

Mic & Polish Crankshaft

R&R Crank Gears

Assemble Crankshaft w/ Connecting Rods

Eight Dowel Crank

Resurface Flywheels

Eight Dowel Flywheels

Recondition Rods (incl new bushing)

Recon Bottom End 

Pin Fit & Align Rod

Set Rod Bearing Clearance

Balance Engine Complete

Regrind Lifters

​Knurl Pistons

Shot Peen

Cut Cylinders to Customer Specs

Foreign and Domestic: Acura, Alfa, Audi, BMW,  

Honda, Mercedes, Porsche, Toyota, Etc.

Including: Industrial Engine Machine Work,

Continental, Deutz, Hatz, Kubota,

Wisconsin, Etc.

​Call for pricing, all machine work is done by FEX.

Coming soon: VW Dynomometer Services and

Flow Bench Services.